Rifle Canyon is located at 7300 ft. It is possible to climb here year round…If you are local and lucky enough.

Other climbers come to Rifle between April and November. In the spring, some sectors will be wet: Oftentimes, the Wasteland and the left side of the Project Wall do not dry out until June. Rifle is generally dry during summer months.

The canyon stretches from north to south and its sides face west and east, so one side of the canyon is always in the shade. 

Nights can be cold (25-40F) in the spring and fall – Be prepared! From the end of June through late August, it is hot during the day (85-95F). 

Snow storms are not unusual between September and May. In winter, the canyon is packed with snow, but it is possible to climb on sunny walls like Antiphil or Bauhaus. In the middle of the winter, the canyon becomes a destination for ice climbers.