Who are we?

This description was written by the late Darek Krol. Miss you, buddy: 

“We are a group of friends, climbing partners and canyon visitors. We come from nearby towns and we come from distant parts of the world. We are all united by common passion for sport climbing (yes, we do clip the bolts!) and for those enchanting limestone cliffs of Rifle. Grabbing holds and squeezing kneebars in this canyon are not the sole ways of expressing our affection for this place. We are also an organized group of individuals who want to give back to this unique geological resource by keeping it clean, safe, and beautiful. The Rifle Climbers’ Coalition was formed in 2004 to address all access- and climbing-related issues in Rifle Mountain Park.”


Our mission is to preserve access, promote stewardship of this amazing natural resource, manage the installment of new routes, and to expand opportunities for climbing in the region.

What do we do?

By creating RCC, we formed a representation that speaks with a united voice with the canyon’s legal owners and land managers. We want to be partners in management and preservation. 

The least each of us, climbers, can do is to adopt an attitude of respect and humility towards the canyon’s resources, local community, and to one another.

As an organization, we can do and achieve more. The initiatives that we adopt:

  • Management of new routes permits
  • Yearly cleanup events 
  • Replacement of old bolts
  • Trails improvement and reconstruction
  • Bridge construction and maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of permanent draws (chains and perma-draws) on popular routes 
  • Removal of old and dangerous gear
  • Construction of wooden benches, drainage lines, and installation of signs
RCC Membership

We welcome all climbers venturing to RMP to become members of the Rifle Climbers’ Coalition (RCC). 

Rifle Climbers Coalition is a nonprofit organization that seeks to maintain a good relationship with the city of Rifle and the local community, keep the park clean, comply and remind others to comply with the rules of the area, and keep climbing routes well-equipped and safe. 

One can become a member of the RCC simply by asking and being a Rifle climber – No membership dues or cards. Duties as a member include caring for RMP, providing feedback to the RCC Board about climbing related issues, and leading by good example. 

The RCC has an active Facebook group titled “Rifle Climbers.” Search for “Rifle Climbers” group on Facebook and send a request for membership. The group serves as a platform to provide info, news and updates about RMP. Climbers typically look for climbing partners, updates on conditions and seepage, and  exchange ideas about Rifle with other members.

RCC Board

The RCC Board consists of a small group of active area climbers who volunteer their time and resources to represent the climbing community via direct talks and meetings with the City of Rifle and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The RCC Board handles issues related to access, new climbing route permits, bolt replacements, fixed gear installation, and maintenance of existing infrastructure. 

RCC Board Members: 

  • Jeff Achey
  • Josh Allison
  • Katherine Butler
  • Melissa Kelley
  • Simon Longacre
  • Daniel Mirsky
  • Michael Schneiter
  • Lee Sheftel
  • Joe Villaci
  • Chris Weidner

Please direct inquiries to You may contact board members on RMP-related issues when you see them in the canyon. You can also address issues on our Facebook page, Rifle Climbers, with attention to the Board. This website will not post private contact information of any member.