About RMP

This was the description of Rifle written by the late Darek Krol. I have left the grammar and word choice for your enjoyment:

“Rifle has the highest concentration of hard climbing in the US on a single linear mile.

Most climbs are above 5.11d and the grading is generally stiff. If routes feel hard at first, don’t worry, it usually gets better once you get used to the style of climbing here. Most people are enchanted by canyon’s beauty on first contact but on closer inspection, cliffs look more like a “choss pile”. Ha, ha! The choss is the secret!

Most routes here needed some cleaning from loose rocks, a few even needed some interventions with sica, so, true, the rock may be not the best in the world but most routes are excellent, offering unique climbing style and incomparable movement. Rifle is actually all about the quality of movement, not quality of holds.

Full body tension, compression hugs, sloppy pinches, precise footwork on smears, mastery in art of knee-barring, insane pump on jugs on big overhangs, cryptic sequences – characterize best climbing here. First days here are usually humiliating. For everybody. Even for locals on first spring visits. Don’t get demotivated if something doesn’t go as desired. Oh, …and dont’t get frustrated with your onsighting performance here. Tidious projecting is part of the canyon as much as Rifle creek.

Access to ALL sectors is very easy. You will never walk for more than 5 minutes from the car. Each sector has its own, easy to find, access trail. Consult the guidebook for details. Parking is a bit of a pain. There are 12 parking lots/picnic/pullout areas within the stretch of Rifle Mtn Park and more parking at the North end around campsites. On weekends, there are more climbers willing to park than available spots, though. It is important to park ONLY at spots designated for parking. Climbers needing absolutly park close to their current warm-ups or projects will start very early and take parking pole positions.

Most climbers start their days at North end around Meat Wall, Ruckman Cave and Project Wall or lower at Wasteland. Park tightly! When there is no more free space, drive to next available pullout and walk! We encourage people to bring and use bikes in the canyon.”