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Mandatory Access Beta for Rifle Canyon
Rifle Mountain Park is the property of the city of Rifle. Climbing activities are allowed under the condition that climbers respect park regulations.

Here they are in the nutshell:
  1. Entry Pass - Buy an entry pass to the Rifle Mountain Park (daily or season). You hurt and ashame our community if you don't get one (it gets even worse when you get caught on not having one).
  2. Parking - Park at designated areas only. Be considerate of other climbers, park tight. It is not OK to park on the sides of the road at unmarked spots. Walk from the car to your project, let your legs absorb those 157 extra feet.
  3. Dogs - It is a city park, you need keep your canine friend on leash. The cops will get you a ticket if you don't comply. Also, mind that other climbers may not be psyched if your dog raise hell doing dog politics.
  4. Camping - Always pay required fees for the camping sites. Respect allocations for tents and vehicles per each site and "campers coves".
  5. Trash - Always pick up trash from crags and campsites, even if the trash doesn't belong to you. We keep the Park clean. This is what we climbers do!
  6. Project Wall - Do not belay from the road at Project Wall and avoid obstructing traffic on the road by standing or walking in the middle. It is a county road and the only access for locals and services for their business in the high country.
  7. Driving - Drive slow and obey posted speed limits.
  8. Kids - Supervise and be considerate of other climbers.
  9. Music at the crag - Play music from headphones instead of speakers.
  10. Top Ropes - Remove your rope when not in use so others can climb the route.
  11. Trail Maintenance and Trees - Do not cut down vegetation. Please let the RCC know if trail or bridge maintenance is needed.
  12. Permadraws/Fixed Gear - Do not add permanent fixed draws. Any new permanent hardware must be approved by the City of Rifle and RCC.
  13. Nylon/Aluminum quick draws - Remove all old quick draws and take your project draws down before the season ends.
  14. New Routes & Rebolting - Do not change original bolt locations or add bolts. All new routes and hardware must be approved by RCC and the City of Rifle. Work should only be done when the canyon is quiet, not on busy weekends or when picnickers are present.
  15. Guides, Schools, and Businesses - A permit and proper insurance is required. Contact Rifle Parks and Recreation for more information.

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