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RCC Membership
We welcome all climbers venturing to Rifle Canyon to become members of our Coalition (RCC).
Rifle Climbers Coalition is a community-based, non-profit organization whose purpose includes maintaining a good relationship with the City of Rifle and the local community, keeping the park clean, complying and reminding others to comply with the rules of the area, and keeping climbing routes well equipped and safe.
One can become a member of the RCC simply by asking and being a Rifle climber - no membership dues or cards. Duties as a member include caring for Rifle Mountain Park, providing feedback to the RCC Board about climbing related issues, and leading by good example.

To stay connected to RCC community you can join us more formally on Facebook. You need to have a Facebook account for that. Look for "Rifle Climbers" group on Facebook and send us a request for membership. There are no forms to fill or fees to pay. We just expect you to be a climber and have interest in Rifle.
We verfify who is joining by spot checking facebook pages of persons requesting to join. If we don't see any reference to climbing on personal facebook, or if we can't be sure if it is not a group spamming, we will not accept the requests.
Our group site has no commercial advertisements or general climbing news. There is no politics or business.
Our site is a platform to provide info, news and updates about Rifle canyon only. Climbers typically seek there climbing partners, get updates on conditions and seepage, exchange ideas about Rifle with other members.

We strictly apply the rule about not spamming and not invading privacy with unrelated posts.