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RCC Board
The RCC Board consists of a small group of active area climbers who volunteer their time and resources to represent the climbing community via direct talks and meetings with the City of Rifle and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The RCC Board handles issues related to access, new climbing route permits, bolt replacements, fixed gear installation, and maintenance of existing infrastructure.

RCC Board Members:
Jeff Achey
Josh Allison
Mike Brumbaugh
Darek Krol
Simon Longacre
Patrick Pharo
Danny Robertson
Michael Schneiter
Lee Sheftel
Jen Vennon Bisharat
Joe Villaci
Chris Weidner

You may contact Board members on Rifle Canyon related issues when you see them in the canyon. You can also address the issues on our Facebook page ("Rifle Climbers" group) with attention to the Board. This website will not post private contact information of any member.