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New routes - last 2 years
NameGradeLengthCliffFirst AscentDescription
Redmond Barry Lyndon5.10d28mKubrick'sMichael McGee, Rachel McGee 
Three Dog Night5.10c20mCanine WallRachel McGee, , Michael McGeeVertical gray rock with good holds for a few clips. Continue past the small overlap and then a tricky finish to the chained anchors.
Overstoker5.11a20mRed Dawn WallDave MayerDihedral 30ft right of Red Dawn
Progeny5.11d17mThe SanctuaryAaron Glasenapp, Sam Kwakel 
Butte Nougat5.11a28mMiddle Ice CavePawel Szafruga 
Free Candy5.11d12mCandy CavesDarek Krol 
Road To Zion5.12b45mKubrick'sWill Sharp, Jeff Hansen 
Crystal Curse5.12b30mCandy CavesJeff HansenLeft of Candee Connection
Fledgling Angels5.12b17mZone Of SilenceDarek KrolLeft side of prminent corner
Just The Tip5.13b16mSno Cone WallStevie DamboiseVariation to Foot Long with harder moves
Six Feet Of Separation5.13b27mReligious WallZach GustavMiddle of the cliff. Four-point jump.
Freewill5.13b35mThe PurgatoryDarek KrolMiddle of the wall through a small roof and crosses the big roof.
Ghostwriter5.13d35mProject WallTom MoulinVariation off Goofy Foot to independent finish through the roofs.
Carnival Of Souls5.13d30mPlayground WallStevie DamboiseStart with Hippie Speedball and then right through overhangs, ends under the big roof
Cup Cake5.14b17mSkull CaveJoe KinderMiddle of the cave, ends in the the roof
Diarrhea Mouth5.14d30mSkull CaveJoe KinderStarts with "Cracked Open Sky" to break out left into the roof and then traverses left on the edge of the cave to an old anchor.
Bad Camp5.14d35mWicked CaveJoe KinderLinkup - Fat Camp to Bad Girls Club