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New routes - last 2 years
NameGradeLengthCliffFirst AscentDescription
Fallon5.918mFunny FaceMichael SchneiterRight side of main cliff, right of "Woody"
The Journey5.10a45mLower TierMichael SchneiterRight side of main cliff, middle of the "tower"
Dirty Looks5.10c80ftFunny FaceMichael McGee, Rachel McGeeLeft of Dirty White Boy
Geriatric Journey5.11c45mNappy DugoutCory CaseRight of Perfect Gun
Sixth Degree of Perseverence5.12b45mProject WallDarek KrolBig dihedral left of Koyaanisqatsi and Eighth Day
Bobby Brown5.12d90ftArsenalJoe Kinder, Lindsey TijanRight side of Arsenal, follows a crack
Gaius Claudius Glaber 5.12a45ftKubrick'sMichael McGee, Rachel McGeeRight of Marcus Licinius Crassus
My Own Hell5.13d20mReligious WallSteve DamboiseLeft of "Foxhole Conversion"
Hope Is A Weapon5.13a16mNappy DugoutSteve DamboiseRight of "Perfect Gun"
Fat Kamp5.14d35mWicked CaveJon CardwellLine breaking left out of "Bad Girls Club", bolted by Joe Kinder
All The Pretty Horses5.14a25mBauhausJoe KinderRight of "Der Pure" in the Bauhaus
It's Never Enough5.14b18mWicked CaveSteve DamboiseExtension of old obscure route "Missing Link" 5.12d, right of Double Rainbow
Stocking Stuffer 5.14d30mBauhausJon Cardwell, Matty HongLINKUP - between Tomfoolery and Stockboy`s Revenge