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New routes - last 2 years
NameGradeLengthCliffFirst AscentDescription
A Spy in the Country of Rainmen5.11c22mRed Dawn WallDarek Krol, Colton McEnteeDirect start on slab to arete joining "The Communist" to 2 last bolts
Dirty White Boy Extended5.11c22mDirty WallMichael McGee, Rachel McGeeExtension of "DWB", continue up on the vertical headwall for 6 clips to the chained anchors
Barry Lyndon5.11c20mKubrick'sMichael McGee, Rachel McGeeSeveral feet left of Jack Torrance, roof start, then sustained moves for 4 clips. Continue with some easier vertical climbing to the anchors
Chokeslam5.12b20mSkull CaveJeff HansenExtension of Pile Driver
Fledgling Angel5.12b17mZone Of SilenceDarek KrolLeft side of prminent corner
The Rave Over Truth and Beauty5.12a18mRed Dawn WallDarek Krol, Colton McEnteeEnjoyable gray face with small holds to the right of "Red Dawn"
Objectivity Exchange5.12b18mRed Dawn WallDarek Krol, Colton McEnteeLeft side of the wall with left of "le Frimeur"
Hippie Speedball5.12d40mPlayground WallJoe Larson, Right side of the cliff and before Arsenal, face with pockets to arete on top
Atlas5.12a30mThe PurgatoryJeff HansenTo the right of "Great Cornholio" through roof and arete above.
Hot for Teacher5.13c40mBauhausChris WeidnerEXTENSION - Big roof above Hurl Jam
Covfefe5.13b16mZone Of SilenceJonathan Siegrist, Darek KrolRight of "All Quiet on Western Slope"
Kenose Eskapa5.13b22mRed Dawn WallDarek Krol, Colton McEnteeFace left of "Red Dawn"
False Idols5.13b25mReligious WallAlec Hull, Left of "My Own Hell", exiting by a prominent prow
Wet Nurse5.13d20mSno Cone WallSteve DamboiseLeft of "Dry Doctor" climbs into a big scoop under a big roof
Should've Pulled Out5.13a20mNappy DugoutAlec HullLeft of Family Jewels
Mouth Diarrhea5.14d30mSkull CaveJoe KinderStarts with "Cracked Open Sky" to break out left into the roof and then traverses left on the edge of the cave to an old anchor.
Jonfoolery5.14c30mBauhausMatty Hong, Jon CardwellBetween Tomfoolery and Girl Talk.
Z-Nation5.14d40mWicked CaveJon CardwellLINKUP - Zulu to Fat Kamp