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Dave Pegg (1967-2014)
If it wasn't for Dave, Rifle would not be what it is now.
Paths of life brought this native of Sheffield, England, to Colorado's Western Slope and let him make timeless imprints in Rifle's stone and in people's lives. He was not the first who fell in love with Rifle canyon but he was for sure its greatest enamorado.

Dave climbed canyon's walls with uncomparable zeal and passion, collecting here one of the most impressive sending records. His joy of climbing in Rifle was his renown gold fever. Once he set an eye on a project, he would notoriously trash his shins with knee-bars until project got sent. Some of his obsessive battles with Rifle's routes have set new meaning for "trying hard" and probably also set some Guinness records. To his brilliant record he added 24 new routes, pioneering a new era of routes development. But Dave's dedication to Rifle is not just measured in his achievements as a climber. He was the initiator and inspirer of stewardship movement in Rifle. He was a co-founder and first president of climbers coalition and an avid advocate of closer ties with canyon's owners.

A practical necessity for an updated guidebook for Rifle was the seed of his successful business "Wolverine Publishing" and it flourished with 4 editions of Rifle guidebook and dozens of other perfectly published books. Dave moved with his wife Fiona to live in the proximity to the canyon, expanded his new-routing territory to several other Western Slope's crags and opened over a hundred new routes in the region.

The image of Dave walking in the canyon with his dog Bella, his broad smile showing a chipped tooth, his warm encouraging words cast with purest British (no)accent will be always present in memories of those who had the honor to know him. Dave's unfortunate and premature death leaves us, Rifle climbers, with a void in our hearts. Climbing in Rifle owes a lot to Dave. He is part of Rifle and Titan of its history for ever.

Commemorative plaque, tribute to Dave's life is installed under the start of "Gayness" at Project Wall, his hardest send and his longest personal battle in this canyon.